Business Jets

Executive Jet Charter Flights to Houston, Texas

Home to the highest number of Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Houston is naturally a popular business jet destination, particularly for executives in its renowned energy industry, as well as biomedical research and aeronautics.

Working with Houston Jet Charter gives you access to private jets and turboprops at a moment’s notice: choose from thousands of private jets based in Texas and throughout the United States to connect you to the perfect aircraft for your mission, including executive configurations with essential amenities on-board.

The city offers no less than 27 airports for private flyers to arrive/depart, and we can help determine which runways are available for your flight based on aircraft type, runway length, facilities, trip itinerary, and other factors.

Safety is Our Goal

Almost every aviation company says it, but how do they prove it? Not all brokers are created equally, and the standards/regulations for charter brokers leaves a lot to be desired. How can you be sure the broker you’re working with has your best interests in mind, most important, the safety of your family, friends, and colleagues?

That’s why we’re a Wyvern-certified charter broker: Houston Jet Charter utilizes safety and due diligence processes that meet and/or exceed the requirements many companies apply to their corporate fleets, and we offer competitive rates for every flight. Our team diligently reviews the most recent reports for pilot experience, aircraft maintenance and operator history – we’ll refuse a flight if it’s operating outside of our standards.

We don’t aim to be the cheapest option; we aim to offer the best jet charter service with every flight we arrange without sacrificing comfort, quality, or safety. You might not book us the first, but when you do, you’ll know you have found a private aviation partner you can rely on for all of your future charter flights.

Supplemental Lift

Energy, oil & natural gas executives that require an additional aircraft or supplemental lift can also benefit from our services.

We can arrange supplemental charter services to/from Houston in as little as 4 to 6 hours in the event your corporate jet has a mechanical issue, you have to arrange simultaneous trips for your executives, or have scheduled maintenance during upcoming business trips.

Houston Jet Charter also offers unlimited quotes with zero obligations – if you are a fractional aircraft owner, or have a private jet card membership, don’t hesitate to give us your trip details and compare us to your current plan before reserving hours for your next flight!