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Airports for Charter Flights to/from Houston

Home to more than 20 private jet airports within 50 clients, Houston is a major region for both leisure and business aviation in the United States.

Plenty of airports and Fortune 500 companies in and around Houston means you’ll have thousands of luxury jets and executive airliners based around the city to choose from.

Clients using our private jet charter services gain the convenience and flexibility using an airport closer to their home or office, and may be able to reduce their charter cost by using an airport focused on private and general aviation.

The following airports are located within 50 miles of each downtown area, and are listed in order of distance of their respective city centers.

Houston Airports

(KHOU, HOU) William P. Hobby Airport
5 miles SW in Houston, TX

FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Jet Aviation | Million Air | Signature Flight Support | Wilson Air Center
Longest Runway: 7,602 feet

(KEFD, EFD) Ellington Field
8 miles SE in Houston, TX

FBO: Signature Flight Support
Longest Runway: 9,001 feet

(T41) La Porte Municipal
9 miles E in La Porte, TX

FBO: Harvery & Rihn Aviation
Longest Runway: 4,165 feet

(KLVJ, LVJ) Pearland Regional Airport
12 miles S in Pearland, TX 

Longest Runway: 4,313 feet

(KHPY, HPY) Baytown Airport
15 miles E in Baytown, TX

Longest Runway: 4,334 feet

(KIAH, IAH) George Bush Intercontinental Airport
17 miles N in Houston, TX

FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Signature Flight Support
Longest Runway: 12,002 feet

(KAXH, AXH) Houston-Southwest Airport
18 miles SW in Arcola, TX

Longest Runway: 5,002 feet

(54T) RWJ Airpark
20 miles E in Beach City, TX

Longest Runway: 5,035 feet

(KSGR, SGR) Sugar Land Regional Airport
23 miles W in Sugar Land, TX
FBO: Global Select
Longest Runway: 8,000 feet

(KIWS, IWS) West Houston Airport
24 miles N in Houston, TX

Longest Runway: 3,953 feet

(KEYQ, EYQ) Weiser Air Park
25 miles NW in Cypress, TX

Longest Runway: 3,455 feet

(KDWH, DWH) David Wayne Hooks Memorial
27 miles NW in Spring, TX

FBO: Gill Aviation | Tomball Jet Center
Longest Runway: 7,009 feet

(T00) Chambers County Airport
29 miles E in Anahuac, TX

Longest Runway: 3,005 feet

(T51) Dan Jones International
30 miles NW in Cypress, TX

Longest Runway: 3,440 feet

(T54) Lane Airpark
31 miles W in Rosenberg, TX

Longest Runway: 3,200 feet

(KGLS, GLS) Scholes International Airport
33 miles SE in Galveston, TX

FBO: Galveston Aviation Services
Longest Runway: 6,001 feet

(T78) Liberty Municipal Airport
35 miles NE in Liberty, TX

Longest Runway: 3,801 feet

(KTME, TME) Houston Executive Airport
36 miles W in Houston, TX

FBO: Henriksen Jet Center
Longest Runway: 6,610 feet

(KLBX, LBX) Texas Gulf Coast Regional
Brazoria County Airport | 39 miles S in Angleton, TX
FBO: Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport
Longest Runway: 7,000 feet

(KCXO, CXO) Lone Star Executive
39 miles N in Conroe, TX

FBO: Galaxy | General Aviation Services
Longest Runway: 7,501 feet

Private Airports

Prior permission required is required to arrive/depart from:

(25TA) Ferris Airport | 15 miles NE in Baytown, TX
Runway: 3,600 feet

(91TS) Songbird Ranch Airport | 22 miles S in Rosharon, TX
Runway: 3,200 feet

(TS07) Dry Creek Airport | 29 miles NW in Cypress, TX
Runway: 3,580 feet

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Austin Airports

(KAUS, AUS) Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Austin, Texas
Longest Runway: 12,248 feet | 3 Helipads
FBO Service: Atlantic Aviation | Signature Flight Support AUS

(KEDC, EDC) Austin Executive Airport – Pflugerville, Texas
Longest Runway: 6,025 feet
FBO Service: Henriksen Jet Center

(KHYI, HYI) San Marcos Municipal Airport – San Marcos, Texas
Longest Runway: 6,330 feet
FBO Service: Berry Aviation | Sky Port

(KRYW, RYW) Rusty Allen Airport – Lago Vista, Texas
Longest Runway: 3,808 feet

(KGTU, GTU) Georgetown Municipal Airport – Georgetown, Texas
Longest Runway: 5,000 feet | 4,100 feet
FBO Service: AeroJet Center | GTU Jet

Additional Airports within 50 miles

(3R9) Lakeway Airpark – Lakeway, Texas
3,930 feet | 15 miles Northwest

(50R) Lockhart Municipal Airport – Lockhart, Texas
4,001 feet | 23 miles South

(88R) Spicewood Airport – Spicewood, Texas
4,185 feet | 25 miles Northwest

(T74) Taylor Municipal Airport – Taylor, Texas
4,000 feet | 26 miles Northeast

(84R) Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport – Smithville, Texas
4,000 feet | 33 miles East

(KBAZ, BAZ) New Braunfels Regional Airport – New Braunfels, Texas
6,503 feet | 34 miles Southwest

(E70) Huber Airpark Civic Club LLC Airport – Seguin, Texas
3,415 feet | 39 miles South

(KBMQ, BMQ) Burnet Municipal Airport-Kate Craddock Field – Burnet, Texas
5,000 feet | 40 miles Northwest

(KGYB, GYB) Giddings–Lee County Airport – Giddings, Texas
4,000 feet | 40 miles East

(1T7) Kestrel Airpark – San Antonio, Texas
3,000 feet | 43 miles Southwest

(T20) Roger M Dreyer Memorial Airport – Gonzales, Texas
3,200 feet | 44 miles South

(3T5) Fayette Regional Air Center Airport – La Grange, Texas
5,000 feet | 46 miles East

Private Airports

(40XS) Hank Sasser Airport at Breakaway – Cedar Park, TX
3,000 feet | 18 miles North

(3TS1) White Wings Airport – Wimberley, TX
3,000 feet | 20 miles Southwest

(XS90) Fentress Airpark – Fentress, TX
3,200 feet | 27 miles South

(63XS) Byram Ranch Airport – Henly, TX
4,100 feet | 28 miles West

(3TA5) Blanco Landing Airport – Blanco, TX
3,450 feet | 33 miles West

(71TE) Moursund Ranch Airport – Round Mountain, TX
3,450 feet | 34 miles West

(2XS5) Cross Triangle Ranch Airport – Twin Sisters, TX
3,000 feet | 37 miles West

(KDZB, DZB) Horseshoe Bay Resort Airport – Horseshoe Bay, TX
5,977 feet | 37 miles Northwest

(XS75) West Ranch Airport – Round Mountain, TX
5,561 feet | 41 miles West

(0TE7) LBJ Ranch Airport – Johnson City, TX
6,291 feet | 46 miles West

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Corpus Christi Airports

(KCRP, CRP) Corpus Christi International Airport
Longest Runway: 7,508 feet

(KTFP, TFP) McCampbell-Porter Airport
Longest Runway: 5,000 feet

Corpus Christi Private Jet Charter

San Antonio Airports

(KSAT, SAT) San Antonio International Airport – San Antonio, Texas
Longest Runway: 8,505 Feet

(KSSF, SSF) Stinson Municipal Airport – San Antonio, Texas
Longest Runway: 5,000 Feet

(KSKF, SKF) Lackland Air Force Base – San Antonio, Texas
Longest Runway: 11,550 feet

(KHYI, HYI) San Marcos Municipal Airport – San Marcos, Texas
Longest Runway: 6,330 Feet

(KCVB, CVB) Castroville Municipal Airport – Castroville, Texas
Longest Runway: 5,001 feet

(KERV, ERV) Kerrville Municipal Airport | Louis Schreiner Field – Kerrville, Texas
Longest Runway: 6,000 feet

(KBAZ, BAZ) New Braunfels Regional Airport – New Braunfels, Texas
Longest Runway: 6,503 feet

(KHDO, HDO) South Texas Regional Airport at Hondo – Hondo, Texas
Longest Runway: 6,002 feet

Additional Airports within 50 miles

(8T8) San Geronimo Airpark – San Antonio, TX
Longest Runway: 3,000 feet | 14 miles W

(5C1) Boerne Stage Field – Boerne, TX
Longest Runway: 5,006 feet | 18 m NW

(23R) Devine Municipal Airport – Devine, TX
Longest Runway: 3,399 feet | 29 m SW

(E70) Huber Airpark Civic Club LLC Airport – Seguin, TX
Longest Runway: 3,415 feet | 29 m E

(3TS1) White Wings Airport – Wimberley, TX
Longest Runway: 3,000 feet | 42 m NE

(XS90) Fentress Airpark – Fentress, TX
Longest Runway: 3,200 feet | 43m E

(7XS7) Indian Springs Ranch Airport – Fredericksburg, TX
Longest Runway: 3,300 feet | 44 m NW

(T30) McKinley Field Airport – Pearsall, TX
Longest Runway: 5,027 feet | 49 m SW

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